Friday, July 26th

7:00 PM at Addison Conference & Theatre Center

Funny Side Up (Fort Worth, TX)

The Show: We perform kid friendly, short form games to show off the talented improvisers currently at Tarrant County College.

The Troupe: Funny Side Up is the troupe run by Tarrant County College's Improv Club on the Northeast Campus. We often open our rehearsals to the public so people can watch us perform, or even jump up and play with us! If you've been following our club for a while you may recognize some of us from Grapes of Laugh, our previous troupe name.

Encyclopedia Moronica (Dallas, TX)


The Show: We use a Town Hall format to explore a historical event that stems from a random page in a history book selected by an audience member. Our goal is not to recreate the event but rather to explore related themes and alternate realities.

The Troupe: Encyclopedia Moronica was founded by improvisers passionate about History and the desire to bring not just the comedy of the 20th century to the stage, but throughout history as well! Forming Dallas' only comedic society, the members of Encyclopedia Moronica discuss a randomly chosen historical event (both what really happened and the silly ways they impact us today) before showing the audience how history - and hilarity - transcend the ages.

Moxie Mischief Aerial Arts (Dallas, TX)


The Show: Improv in the air! The performers from Moxie Mischief Aerial Arts combine improv with circus. An audience member picks the song, and the performer freestyles on the circus apparatus of their choice. 


The Troupe: Moxie Mischief Aerial Arts was established in 2012. Since then, MMAA has grown by leaps and bounds. Moxie Mischief Aerial Arts is now the premier aerial facility in Dallas, specializing in Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Lyra Hoop, Trapeze, Corde Lisse, Flexibility & more. MMAA has a strong background, and has become one of the only Aerial Arts Studios to offer such a wide variety of aerialist skills and classes.

9:00 PM at Addison Conference & Theatre Center

Dirty Dawg$ (Dallas, TX)

The Show: Improvised documentary.  We ask the audience, "name an event you would like to see a documentary about." Once a suggestion is taken, we each, one-by-one, introduce our characters via a short monologue. Once every character is established, the improv scenes start and build towards a conclusion.  In addition to the intro monologues, we will pepper in additional asides to the audience throughout the show.

The Troupe: Dirty Dawg$ formed three years ago out of Dallas Comedy House and has performed together ever since.  The chemistry and camaraderie is so great that there has been only one member change in all that time, only due to a member moving to California. Their format is fun, engaging, and unique.  Come see the documentary you always wanted, performed by Dirty Dawg$!

Death With Benefits (Dallas, TX)

The Show: The only show that starts with a funeral and ends with a death. Watch as we watch the final days of a character chosen by you, the audience! 

The Troupe: Born out of morbid curiosity and a pinch of fun, these performers use levity and absurdity to shine light on an often dark subject.

The Victims (Dallas, TX)

The Show: They create stories based on other people's real stories.

The Troupe: The Victims formed in the summer of 2006.
Over the last 13 years, they have performed at festivals, theaters, and comedy clubs all over the country. The Victims have fun onstage, and want you to have fun watching. It's a "Rated R" show kids. Be safe and make good choices.


Saturday, July 27th

7:00 PM at Addison Conference & Theatre Center

¡No Sé! (Dallas, TX)


The Show: Coming to you straight from the silent era of the 1920’s, ¡No Sè! brings stories and narratives to the stage using only facial expressions, space work, body language, and sound effects. Join us in deciphering what cryptic movements we are doing, because, well, no sé!


The Troupe: Since the summer 2018, the members of ¡No Sè! have been sweating it out on stage while keeping their FitBits happy and their limbs limber.

Hometown Improv (Austin, TX)

The Show: Our show is a 15-30 min long-form narrative. The show starts with scene painting of a small town and is followed by a series of short "peak and pop" scenes (lasting 30 sec or less) that quickly lay the foundation of the town and its larger-than-life citizens. These quick scenes establish town-lore and characters that help the audience feel at home and serve as inspiration. From there, we dive into a narrative that weaves together members of the town.

The Troupe: After a run of 6 sold-out shows for Local on the Eights at the Hideout Theater in Austin, TX, the L8s cast formed Hometown - a narrative long-form improv show where strong and often strange characters explore the small-town around them, in March of 2018.

As a troupe, Hometown has been invited to play at multiple theaters around Austin and was a 2018 participant in Austin's 48-Hour Improv Marathon. They also performed at the 2018 Third Coast Improv Festival in Nashville, TN. Hometown was coached by Ace Manning (former cast member of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam and current member of Austin's The Knuckleball Now) and is now coached by Courtney Hopkins (Public Relations Director of the Hideout Theater and member of Ma'am and Echo Lake)

Red Dirt (Norman, OK)

The Show: Red Dirt Improv will perform a montage of scenes with quick edits and wacky connections. Red Dirt Improv shows are 40% wit, 40% physical comedy, and 40% math.

The Troupe: Red Dirt Improv was formed in 2007 by a group of friends who are passionate about improv. Our members have performed across Oklahoma and the country, in improv and non improv performances and projects. Many members of Red Dirt Improv have moved to Texas, which makes this festival a big reunion!

9:00 PM at Addison Conference & Theatre Center
Sondheimlich Maneuver (Dallas, TX)
The Show: Coming at you from Broadway Ave (okay...maybe not exactly) Sondheimlich Maneuver is here to bring you a start-to-finish improvised musical. Come sing along with us or not, because even we don’t know what’s going to come next!
The Troupe: Since 2014, they have been forming Tony worthy musicals all from one-word audience suggestions. Using a combination of experience in improv, musical theater, and a fine appreciation for a great tune, the members of Sondheimlich love taking their karaoke skills up a notch onstage.
Too Shy Guys (Fort Worth & Austin, TX)
The Show: Grounded scenes that go to far off places with big (for a duo) musical numbers.
The Troupe: A musical duo that will tug at your heart strings, make you laugh, and take you out of your comfort zone.
After Party (Chicago, IL)
The Show: Using a single audience suggestion, After Party uses song styles and strong character work to improvise a 45-minute musical piece! Employing monologues, time-jumps, and quick edits After Party tell characters' stories loud and proud. And, it's all sung live.
The Troupe: Created in 2016, After Party consists of kickass women who have been featured players with the Second City Training Center, iO Chicago, The Annoyance,
ComedySportz, Baby Wants Candy, and Laugh Out Loud. These songbirds are masters of fast and crisp musical comedy.



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