Musical Improv $30
with After Party

Addison Conference Center’s Studio Theatre July 8th 10am-12pm
After Party

Join After Party, Chicago’s all-women musical improv group, for The Bass-ics: An Introduction to Musical Improv Workshop.  Learn some new musical improv tools, games, and more from Chicago’s leading musical improvisers! After Party brings vocal chops and fast-paced comedy to the stage, so come get hands-on experience from these veterans of the Chicago scene. Read more about After Party on the performer page and check them out HERE!


The Improv Brain $30
with Buddy Puzzle

Addison Conference Center’s Studio Theatre July 8th 3pm-5pmImprov Brain
Accessing your inner actor, director and writer
Dare to look danger in the eye. Become more open, present and
vulnerable by utilizing your inner actor, director and writer. This
workshop will help you to get out of your head and give your partner
everything. Read more about Buddy Puzzle on the performer page or check them out HERE!

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