Saturday Night Performances

July 8th at 12pm, Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas *family friendly show

The high school students in Kings of Little Elm (Little Elm) aren’t afraid to take a chance. They’re bringing their fearless game-play to the stage with a fun mixture of theater and laughs!

ComedySportz (Dallas) is head-to-head competitive improvisational comedy presented in a high energy format. It’s clean, fast and fun entertainment for all audience. All dialog spoken and scenes performed are entirely made up on the spot. That’s right! No scripts!

HiveMind (Dallas) is composed of 7 minds that try very hard to think as one!  They are a diverse group – in age especially, from 18 to 53 and they perform short-form improv games that are met with roars of laughter.  And they don’t mind that a bit.  HiveMind.  They’re kind of a big deal.


July 8th at 5:30pm,Studio Theater in Addison
*family friendly show

The Ript Script (Plano) is a teen improv troupe made up of current and recently graduated Plano East Senior High theatre students. Their show is comprised of short form games which focus on scenes instead of games. They are interested in creating good solid characters that have wants and needs. They are smart. They are funny. They don’t use scripts.
The Ript Script

The Motley Players (Plano/Dallas) perform a range of show styles, from short form games, to a long form open format, to our water balloon spectacular when we perform at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. The Motley Players, an improvisational comedy troupe, based in the DFW metroplex, enjoy bringing laughter to people everywhere. In addition to their standard improvisation comedy shows, they have performed in traditional theatre shows, at private events, renaissance festivals, and improv variety shows.


July 8th at 7pm, Studio Theater in Addison

Morning Affirmations (Chicago): A two person exploration of relationships through improv. He loves Her. She loves Him. They love each other, and you’ll love them.
Morning Affirmations

Folksongs Against Humanity (Austin) is a band that performs naughty, improvised songs based on cards they pull from Cards Against Humanity.   Ryan on guitar, Tyler on harmonica, and Cynthia on lead vocals. The brain child of Ryan Hill (the guitarist for the very famous puppet emo band Fragile Rock (really)) and fronted by lead singer Cynthia Oelkers (Girls, Girls, Girls), FSAH has Tyler Bryce on backup vocals and harmonica.
Folksongs Against Humanity

Golden (Austin) does a montage of silent improvised scenes based on a suggested audience word of an occupation. Golden is inspired by the silent works of Charlie Chaplin and Monsieur Hulot, and films such as Metropolis, The General, and Playtime. Golden improvises silent stories and scenes using only their facial expressions, emotional noises, body language, and spacework. Golden plays regularly throughout Austin and has also performed in the Austin’s Improvised Play Festival, the Hideout 46-Hour & 47-Hour Improv Marathons, the Out of Bounds Festival, Wafflefest, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and Vancouver Improv Festival.
Golden upsize


July 8th at 9pm, Studio Theater in Addison

Take a suggestion of something you love but still suck at and Buddy Puzzle (Los Angeles) fearlessly explores the dark or sad sides of humanexperience to make a fluid cathartic piece rather than just simply being a comedic piece only. Exploring ideas of love, loss, and badassery, anything is possible because…improv. Buddy Puzzle was formed after Anatasha Blakely met Jacob Sorling at iO West in early 2016 and put together a puzzle of her beloved friends The Buddies (copyright 2009 still pending). Having both been coached by Holly Laurent separately for so long the two joined forces to make a team already fit to perform together.
Buddy Puzzle

After Party (Chicago) is an all-female musical improv group.  Even our MD and Director are….you got it!  Ladies!!  This is one of the only comedy shows in Chicago – if not the only show – whose entire team is produced and performed entirely by women.  This show is going to be fast paced, character-packed, high energy, and stupidly smart.  Think Broad City meets Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and you’ve got After Party.  The ladies of After Party are hands-down some of the most talented improvisers in the Chicago comedy scene, and the icing on the cake is that they can sing as well! All of our ensemble have completed either the Second City Training Center’s Conservatory or Musical Improv Programs (or for many in the cast, they have completed both).  The actresses in the ensemble boast impressive resumes and perform regularly in the city, including shows such as Infinite Sundaes, Twisty, iO Harold shows, ComedySportz, Anarchy: An Improvised Rock Opera, Buzzed Broadway, and various independent sketch/improv shows.  Some have completed iO’s improv program, Annoyance classes and the ComedySportz training center, while others have performed with ImprovBoston and ImprovAcadia. After Party was formed in 2016 and has performed in the Chicago Improv Festival, the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, and the Chicago Musical Improv Festival.
After Party

July 8th at 11pm, Studio Theater in Addison

The Humor Games (various) is a head to head elimination-style improv comedy game. This improv show, pits some of the city’s best improvisers against one another to perform games and scenes based on audience suggestions — but based on how the audience scores their scenes and games, will determine which improviser will make it to the end of the show and be awarded the HGTrophy and crowned the ImproVictor!   It’s a show where we tell the improvisers…May The Audience Be Ever In Your Favor!
humor games