Friday Night Performances

July 7th at 7pm, Studio Theater in Addison

Audience suggestions are the raw material the JIGs (Dallas) use to create fun, interactive experiences through short-form games and scenes. That can mean scenes where almost all the dialogue is drawn from random statements provided by the audience, speed dating with contestants riding a roller coaster of emotions and behaviors, and fabulous parties where the host is struggling to figure out who just came through the door and what in the world they brought with them.
The Jigs

Rook is a modern musical improv troupe from Austin, Texas. Using a unique blend of synth and piano, drama and comedy, improvisation and theatrical training, Rook creates the very cutting edge in musical improv. Made up on the spot, emotional and poignant, hilarious and cerebral, this off-off-off-broadway show will be surprising, delightful, and oh-so-well sung. With award winning actress Sarah Marie Curry, improvisor extraordinaire Cat Drago, classically trained opera singer Megan Sherrod, and composer and accompanist Walter Nichols, Rook is good because of training and amazing because of improv.

Red Dirt Improv (Norman, OK) will incorporate audience suggestions from a marker board into a wacky collection of scenes. Red Dirt Improv was formed in 2007 by a group of friends who are passionate about improv. Our members have performed across Oklahoma and the country, in improv and non improv performances and projects. Many members of Red Dirt Improv have moved to Texas, which makes this festival a big reunion! Each year, Red Dirt Improv hosts Improv Festival Oklahoma, now in its 9th year.
red dirt about


July 7th at 9pm, Studio Theater in Addison

The Chairold (Oklahoma City) brings quirky relationships to life in a series of fast paced scenes. We’ll have audiences on the edge of their seats, wondering where we go next. The Chairold was born from a class at OKC Improv in 2013. Cast members have come and gone, with three original remaining. During that time, we have grown and evolved into a regular on the OKC Improv stage. Our varying personalities and differing professional backgrounds bring a uniqueness to our show.

Auto-Complete (Dallas) uses internet conceits to drive  scenes and games. Examples range from long-form Google Books where one improviser describes a scene playing out behind them to the shortform “Hashtags” where they create a quippy line based on a hashtag derived from the previous scene. These performers share an appreciation of just how ‘far’ the internet can go.

The Victims, of The ACT, has been bringing highly theatrical unscripted comedic mayhem to the world since 2006. The Victims perform regularly at Pocket Sandwich Theater and Café Bohemia. They’ve also performed all over the country including Out of Bounds, Out of the Loop Fringe Festival, The Black Box Improv Festival, The Gainesville Improv Festival, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, The Broadway Comedy Club,  Coldtowne Theater, Satori Coffee House , Gotham Comedy Club, The Hideout, Ghostlight Theatre Club,  Salvage Vanguard Theater, & Parkside Lounge.
victims mid 2016 promo photo


 July 7th at 11pm, Studio Theater in Addison

QuizProv (Various): Game shows and improvised comedy collide into each other’s craniums in this competitive comedy showcase. Three teams of comedians compete in a series of hilarious trivia and comedy games like “Who Said It?: Stephen Hawking or Gary Busey?” or “Did These Movies Win a Best Picture Oscar or a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award?”. Then they perform scenes based on their answers for points. The final round features two teams going head to head in a dramatic showdown as they come up with wrong answers to real questions and then have to perform an improvised scene using the answers they just gave assuming that they can remember all of them. The winning team even wins a fabulous prize! The audience can even participate in the show as they help choose the funniest team in each round (but they don’t get prizes. We don’t have The Price of Right’s budget here, people. We’ve barely got the same budget as Bowling for Dollars). QuizProv: The Improv Comedy Gameshow is written by host Danny Gallagher and announcer Kevin Beane.